Design, Configuration And Integration Services

qbicle is an online platform enabling you to create virtual exhibition booths, virtual showrooms, virtual arts and museum galleries and many more virtual spaces. For a simple, affordable monthly subscription you can design it all! However, should you need help designing your virtual room, configuring hotspots, setting up the room and finally embedding it to your website or virtual event platform, we are here to assist you in all areas.


Do you need help with designing your own exhibition booth or a showroom? Our designers can help with a 2D or 3D booth or room design.

  1.  Send us your design sketch.
  2.  Provide some real images so we can see the look you're wanting to achieve
  3.  Send us your product images, paintings, or exhibits
  4.  We'll come back to you with a design perfectly matching your requirements


As we mentioned, qbicle is a DIY virtual booth and room creator platform. You do not need coding knowledge to setup your qbicle. But, if you would like help to configure hotspots and setup, we are here to help.


Creating your qbicle is not enough. You need to place your qbicle in front of your audience. Whether you would like help to embed your qbicle into an event platform, virtual shopping mall, high street or simply publish it on your website - we can help with all integration tasks and eliminate all stress or worries.

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