WE ARE qbicle

We are a digital transformation company tackling the numerous challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

A successful visitor experience CAPTIVATES attention, enables two-way COMMUNICATION and provides a positive brand EXPERIENCE to compensate for the lack of physical and face to face interactions.

Unlike other virtual room creators, qbicle gives you complete control to build a virtual space to suit your needs. Whether you're representing your company at a virtual event, creating an online gallery for anytime visitor access or enhancing your users' online shopping experience by designing an IKEA-style online showroom - you create the space to match your requirements.

Our Vision

To make qbicle the go to virtual platform for event organisers, retailers, art galleries and museums.

Our Mission

To facilitate a hybrid approach for every exhibition, showroom, art gallery and museum; enabling venues to open doors at both their physical and virtual locations to increase footfall and engagement.


We learnt during lockdown, a virtual space is the best way to engage with visitors. Virtual rooms enable you to provide an online presence, mirroring the real experience, for your customers to enjoy from the safety of their home.

You can deliver engaging content to a wider audience without compromising opportunities to interact one to one, network, exhibit and sell.

Once Covid-19 is a distant memory and lockdowns are no longer a requirement, our hybrid approach, combining traditional physical spaces with events using virtual exhibition stands, galleries and showrooms will complement each other; maximising the enjoyment and benefits your visitors and customers receive from your efforts.


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